Critical Time for Paperwork

IMPORTANT: Please provide us with your wheat production as you harvest or receive your settlement sheets so that we can check for losses and will have the data necessary to review Revenue Plan losses in a timely manner. 

Reminder that SPRING Acreage Reports are due NO LATER than July 15th!!!

Please report your acreage to us as soon as possible even if you have zero planted acreage. We must be in receipt of the signed acreage report indicating your intentions.  Verify your acreage when reporting to avoid misreported or missed acres!! We only have a small window to correct acreage so the accuracy of your reporting is very important!!

Billing for Spring Crops is August 15th this year so the sooner we can key your acreages, the more accurate your billing statements will be for this change in the billing cycle.  If you need help with your acreage report or have questions on how to complete the form, please just call us or come by the office and we will be glad to assist you!! 

Crop Hail season is upon us!! If you would like to add this coverage to your planted crops or wheat that has not yet been harvested, just give us a call!! REMEMBER THAT LEAVING A MESSAGE ON OUR VOICE MAIL IS NOT A BINDER!!! WE MUST SPEAK TO YOU TO OBTAIN THIS COVERAGE FOR YOU!!! 

We try to be available to you, but purchasing this coverage during business hours is strongly encouraged!!!

Thank you for your business and your prompt attention to this reminder!! Have a great week and let it keep raining!