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Insufficient Soil Moisture and Seed Emergence

Any seeded crop where insufficient soil moisture has affected seed emergence must be deferred until at least 8 days after late plant period or 15 days after final plant date. Counties that have a May 31 FPD will have to be deferred till 6-16-11 before adjusters can look at it.

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Insurability of Crops Behind Headed Wheat–Rule Change

NO crop can be insured if it follows headed wheat. RMA has removed the 50% rule for cotton and says that NO heads can be found in the field. This includes volunteer plants that have headed out. If an adjuster goes to the field and finds any wheat heads in the crop that followed a wheat crop, the claim must be denied. This only applies to a non irrigated practice. Read the complete informational memorandum: Insurability of Non-Irrigated Cotton Planted on Acreage Following a Failed Small Grain Crop

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