With the continuing record-breaking temperatures and sunshine warming soils this year, some farmers may be thinking of planting their crops earlier than usual. Climatologists and meteorologists will remind us that we could still get a severe frost. Regardless of these warnings, some farmers may have planted early or are thinking about planting early. If farmers choose to plant early, there are crop insurance implications.

The crop insurance contract specifies an Earliest Planting Date. If a farmer chooses to plant earlier than the specified earliest planting date for the insured crop in their county, the crop is still insured and losses will be covered, as long as the farmer follows all the remaining contract specifications. However, the farmer gives up eligibility for replant payments as stated in the MPCI Common Crop Insurance Policy.

To determine what the Earliest Planting Date is for the crop/county in your area or if there are exceptions to this guideline, refer to the Special Provisions. To view state/county maps of Initial Plant Dates for the states of Colorado, Kansas, Missouri and Nebraska click here.

If you have additional questions, please contact our office.