Important Reminders

Upcoming Harvest – With harvest quickly approaching, here are a few reminders:

  • All grain must be sold under the policy holder’s name.
  • Acceptable production records must be kept separate by unit.

Silage and Appraisals

  • Producers who are not expecting a production loss, should submit a claim if they are planning on chopping silage, so that an appraisal can be completed on those acres. Due to the expected lower price at harvest, this is an important reminder that may be needed for the producer to qualify for a revenue payment on a RP policy.
  • If the producer knows he/she won’t be in a loss situation, he/she may want to consider an appraisal on those acres that are getting chopped for silage to help the producer’s record keeping. Regardless of the percentage of acres getting chopped, this may be an easier solution rather than the producer maintaining acceptable silage production records for APH purposes.
  • Producers who are expecting a production loss, should also submit a claim. Once an adjuster has been assigned to the claim, the producer should notify him/her of their plan for chopping silage. Those acres must be appraised since the producer anticipates a production loss.

Additional Acreage Reporting Requirements for 2017 Crop Year (CY)

To correspond with RMAs CLU reporting requirements, there will be additional acreage reporting requirements. Beginning with the 2017 CY, the insured must report field location on their annual acreage report for all acres. This applies to plan 01-06 (YP, RP, RP-HPE, AYP, ARP, and ARP-HPE). The insured can meet this requirement by:

  • Providing the FSA Farm, Tract, and Field Number, including the FSA administrative state and county;
  • Clearly identifying the field location(s) and associated boundaries using the map-based reporting (i.e. Map Based Acreage Report); or
  • Utilizing other mapping sources which clearly delineate the field’s location.
  • If mapping data is not available, field level reporting can be accomplished by using the FSA Farm, Tract, and Field in paper copy.

If the insured does not meet this requirement, the acreage is considered unreported and the acreage report will be rejected, and liability will be denied.