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For 2012 Crop Year:

1) Assignments of Indemnity (AOI) from your lendors must be re-filed each crop year.  If your banker requires to be a loss payee on your crop insurance loss checks, they need to be contacting our office to get the form for processing these timely for 2012 Wheat policies, or you may request a form from our office to provide to your lender.  It is the responsibility of the farmer and lender to complete this form and return it to our office for processing for each new crop year. 
2) Changes in 2012 policy: CRP land broken out NEW in 2012 must be reported to our office by SALES CLOSING DATE this year, which is September 30th for Fall policies.  This is a change from last year when you had until Acreage Reporting Date to notify us.  If you are considering breaking out new land, please contact our office for the requirements to process this change in your operation, as it will require a Written Agreement on the acreage and supporting documen