June 14, 2016

As you get your spring crops planted and storms pop up, we want to remind you of situations that you need to consider and call office and discuss.

Final plant date and late plant dates.
If crop planted and needs to be replanted, first planting date stands. Corn & grain sorghum have paid replants, and require an adjuster to authorize replanting. No paid replant on cotton.

Town & Country | Crop InsuranceIf crop not planted by final plant date due to weather related causes, you need to notify us for prevented planted. This doesn’t mean you can’t plant the crop when you can, it just notifies the company.

Each crop has a late plant period, with loss of 1% per day up to maximum late plant days then it goes to 60% of coverage on corn/grain sorghum, and 50% on cotton. You may also elect to not insure late planted acres and put crop hail on.First crop/second crop provisions apply also to prevented planted acres and could effect your decision to insure or not insure second crop.

We can file a claim at anytime, however, be aware no payment will be made until acreage report and 578 are entered in the system.

If you find yourself in any of the above situations, please call and discuss your options.  Each of your situations and coverage’s are different.

We can put crop hail on at anytime on any crop.  However, cotton rates early are higher and have step ladder pay-out and dollar amount we can put on as limits.  Cotton rates will be cheaper around the week of June 23rd, with coverage being fully in effect.

Please call or come by with any questions you have and thank you for your business.

Jackie, Jana, Heidi & Vernon