2013 Wheat Harvest Price Tracking has begun. The Wheat BASE price is $8.78/bu and HARVEST Price tracking right now at $7.46/bu so keep a watch on the home page of the web site for updates each day and the final HARVEST to be set after June 30th!! 

Also, we have mailed or contacted you about your 2013 SPRING Acreage Reports, so when you are finished planting your Spring crops just get them filled out and sent back to the office for processing!! If you have filed claims already on your Spring crops and have not reported your acres to us, please do so as soon as possible as this will aid in the processing of your claims!!!  

If you are planting ZERO acres, we still need you to sign and return your acreage report!! Verify your SHARES, LAND LEGALS, PRACTICES, etc. before sending in your reports and once you receive your SCHEDULE OF INSURANCE, review it for accuracy because we  only have 10 DAYS from the date you receive it to make any corrections now. 

Crop Hail rates are set for this hail season and July Cotton Rates should be out around June 17th!!

As always, if you have questions about your coverage, please give us a call!!