August 16, 2011: Daily Base Price Tracking for 2012 Winter Wheat Now Available. If you would like to receive these prices daily via email, please sign up for our Newsletter.

July 29, 2011: We have turned in ALL Grain Sorghum/Milo losses for every policy that had planted acres. These losses will not be looked at until after 8/5/11. The reason for this delay is that the LATE plant date was 7/25 and companies cannot release any acres unless it is blowing until 10 days after that date. In addition, the companies have told us that they will not be looking at Grain Sorghum/Milo until they feel confident that the wheat, cotton and corn losses previously opened, are in good order before moving to a new loss campaign.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns you may have about your losses!! We assure you we are doing all that we an to expedite your loss checks and get you the paperwork you are requesting for tech fees, SURE programs, etc. and we appreciate your patience during this difficult crop year!!

July 21, 2011: Frequently Asked Questions – Crop Insurance & Drought-Damaged Crops
July 14, 2011:
Loss Checks: We are receiving loss checks in daily now on initial Wheat losses and the additional Revenue Plan checks. We ask your patience as we process and check these for accuracy and get them out to you. We mailed out over 100 loss checks yesterday and will be mailing additional checks received today! We are mailing the checks on the date we receive them but we will NOT be able to call each of you and let you know that your checks are here!! Thank you for your patience and understanding…..we know this is as frustrating for each of you as it is us to get you your loss payments but the checks are coming. Cotton loss checks should be coming soon and we will continue to mail these as soon as they are received. So again, thank you for your patience and your business!!