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Urgent Information Regarding Acreage Reporting Due Date

“Even though FSA has extended their acreage reporting date to 8/2/2013, RMA is not extending the acreage reporting date for Crop Insurance. While FSA is able to extend its deadline, Risk Management Agency (RMA) Administrator Brandon Willis emphasized today that RMA’s acreage reporting date remains July 15, 2013, for most spring planted crops in the country.

Farmers are reminded to report any loss within 72 hours of discovery to their insurance company. Farmers must report prevented planting acreage to their insurance company, in writing, within 15 calendar days after the final planting date. Losses must be reported and an insurance adjuster must view and release the crop before the crop is destroyed. Farmers are also reminded to contact their insurance agent if they have any questions about coverage, prevented planting, or for reporting and processing a claim.

The acreage report date for most spring planted crops is still Monday, July 15, 2013.

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Wheat Estimates & Applications

Wheat estimates and applications will be ready and mailed out on Friday, September 14th. We will use the current daily average price which is hovering around $8.74 per bushel, but the final BASE price will NOT be set until we receive confirmation from RMA on our around the September 17th.  We will be ready to discuss your coverages with you once you receive the estimates and help you make a decision about your coverage for the coming crop year.

Cut Off Date for Changes to Level of Coverage

REMEMBER!! You MUST make any changes to your levels of coverage, changes in entity’s, etc. by NO LATER THAN SEPTEMBER 30th!! So please review the information we are sending you for accuracy and even if there are NO CHANGES we must have the applications signed and returned to our office indicating you’ve reviewed the documents and your intentions for the 2013 crop year.  Our ability to make changes after sales closing has been greatly reduced, so please don’t wait until the last day to review your applications and coverages!!

Production Loss Notification on Spring Planted Crops

Also, as we move forward into Fall harvest season please be sure to notify our office if you think you will have a production loss on your Spring planted crops as soon as possible, so that we can get your losses turned in and assigned to adjusters timely.  The HARVEST prices are tracking and available for viewing on our website daily at  The FINAL price will be announced after September 30th so having your harvested production IN OUR OFFICE will help us also determine if you have a REVENUE loss, if that is applicable to the coverage you have!! So PLEASE start getting us your production records.

Sales Closing Date for PRF has Changed

PRF (Pasture, Rainfall & Forage) Plan sales closing date has changed to November 15th for the 2013 policy term.  If you are a current policy holder you will receive a note card from us when we have your renewal ready to discuss and if you are a NEW insured to PRF please call our office and make an appointment, as these policies take at least an hour to discuss in detail with you and set up.  You can also look at PRF pricing on the RMA website by using the Decision Support Tool.  There have been some changes in how you can insure your acres in the intervals, so in some cases, it might be more appealing to you than in years past.

Save the Date

This year we’ve decided against having our booth at the Amarillo Farm & Ranch Show, which will be held November 27-29 at the Amarillo Civic Center.  In lieu of the week long event, we will be having a producer meeting Wednesday, November 28th at 4:00pm at the Ambassador Hotel.  We intend to have representatives from the companies present to give us an update on operations, speakers from the local grain boards and from new weather products coming onto the marketplace.  We will conclude the meeting with our annual Hospitality event commencing at 5:00pm.  We hope you will make plans to attend this informative session as we continue forward with the uncertainty of Crop Insurance, the Farm Bill and the affects of governmental decisions on how we continue together in this industry.

Thank You for Allowing Us to Serve You

As always we look forward to servicing your insurance needs and helping you make your farm management decisions!! Thank you for your business and your prompt attention to the upcoming deadlines!! And remember that our website is designed to be a one stop for the ag links and news for you to use 24/7!!

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